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Get Ready for the Cold - 5 Ways to Get a Healthy Throat in Autumn


The task:

· Solve situational problems and provide the assistance required by the condition of the task with a robot or extras.

Task 1

A man jumped out of a window on the second floor of a burning house. He rolls in the snow, trying to bring down the flames. His shirt on his back had already stopped smoldering, black leather with many wet cracks and blisters was visible under the remains of the fabric.

Choose the correct answers and arrange them in order of execution:

1. Remove the shirt from the victim.

2. Put it on your back.

3. Flip over to the stomach.

4. Collect as many bags of snow as possible and put them on your back.

5. Remove residual clothing and rinse skin with clean water.

6. Treat the burned surface with alcohol, cologne or vodka.

7. Remove residual clothing and bubbles.

8. Apply sterile dressings to the burn sites.

9. Cover your back with a clean sheet.

10. Offer the victim 2-3 tablets of dipyrone.

11. Sprinkle the burn with vegetable oil.

12. Dense flour on the burn site.

13. Sprinkle the burned surface with soda.

14. Offer the victim a plentiful warm drink.

Right answers: 3, 9, 4, 14

Task 2

A 6th grade student was blown up on a self-made explosive device. He complains of severe abdominal pain that aggravates while lying down, and when you try to stand up, his head begins to feel dizzy (vanka-vstanka syndrome). Burns of brushes I, II degree without violating the integrity of Burn blisters.

Choose the correct answers and arrange them in the order of execution:

1. Place transport tires and call an ambulance.

2. Turn on the stomach, cause a gag reflex, clean the oral cavity.

3. Proceed to resuscitation.

4. Anesthetize. Give a tablet of dipyrone.

5. Put a pressure bandage on the stomach.

6. Place the roller under the knees and call an ambulance.

7. Place a heating pad on your stomach.

8. Press on the root of the tongue and clean the oral cavity of vomit.

9. Turn on your side and extend your arm.

10. Offer a plentiful warm drink. Offer 2-3 tablets of dipyrone.

11. Apply cold to the stomach.

12. Apply cold to the hands.

13. Put the tourniquets on the legs, providing them with a note on time.

14. Call an ambulance.

15. Lay on the back and place the roller under the knees.

16. To clear an oral cavity of vomit.

Correct answers: 15, 11, 12, 14

Task 3

At home, boiling water fell on the thigh area (the victim is wearing trousers). On the skin of the thigh from boiling water getting on it, an epidermal detachment 8 × 10 in size was formed with hyperemia and edema of the skin around. Your actions.

1. If boiling water gets on your clothing, take off your clothing.

2. Treat the wound surface with an anti-burn aerosol or apply a sterile napkin, apply cold on top.

3. Give pain medication.

4. Call an ambulance or contact a medical institution yourself.

Task 4

In a chemistry lab, a student spilled glacial acetic acid on the skin of his left foot. Severe pain in the foot appeared, the skin turned red, the epidermis of the skin exfoliated in an area of ​​5x5, its integrity was broken. What to do?

1. Rinse the wound surface under running water for at least 15 minutes.

2. Apply a bandage, attach a tourniquet.

3. Call an ambulance.

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very necessary

1. Wrap your neck

Provide the throat with the correct temperature and protect it from the cold and, above all, from sudden fluctuations in temperature. Different types of scarves, chimneys, scarves, scarves and even a turtleneck will help you. Try to minimize conversations during frosts. First of all, this should be remembered by people who, in their daily work, are exposed to the load on the vocal cords.

2. Humidify the air during the heating season

An important role in the prevention of throat diseases is played by adequate humidification in the rooms where we are. Dry mucous membranes are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. We are especially prone to overdrying during the heating season. The decrease in moisture concentration when using radiators can be compensated by hanging a damp towel on radiators or using special humidifiers. These treatments are especially recommended in rooms with children.

3. Avoid impurities and stimulants.

The heating period is also a threat of low emissions, which can also damage the throat. Dust, dirt, or cigarette smoke can not only dry the throat, but also irritate it. Remember that alcohol also works in a similar way. Similar properties are also attributed to intense tea and strong fine black.

4. Strengthen general immunity

The throat is best protected by strengthening the entire body. To do this, you should pay attention to proven methods at the forefront with a diverse diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and physical activity. Natural ingredients that help create a shield through which viruses and bacteria cannot break through. Lemon, ginger, peeling, honey, garlic, black elderberry are just some of the products that should be included in your daily menu, especially during periods of increased incidence.

5. Proceed in advance

In addition to comprehensive care, the throat must be protected. There are several ways to achieve this. First of all, especially during periods when you have contact with sick people, use herbal supplements in the form of tablets or syrups as a preventative measure. Secondly, moisturize your throat with regularly chilled water mixed with fruit syrups, aloe vera, ginger and milk with honey. You can also use inhalation or rinse. You can apply similar preventative measures in the context of your child. In this case, pharmacists recommend dietary supplements - tablets and syrups - adapted in composition and taste for small patients.