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How easy and quick to wake up?


Morning is the most resourceful time. How we start it all depends on how it goes all day. And out of days, our whole life takes shape.

Starting the morning with an alarm, a cigarette with coffee and a TV (or computer) is a direct way to ruin your only life. Indeed, we immediately receive a negative charge both at the level of consciousness and at the bodily level. Pamper and love yourself in the morning, then your life will change.

Secret 1. Cook morning in the evening

A good morning should be prepared in the evening. Before going to bed, be sure to take a shower, or rather a fragrant relaxing bath. Wash away all problems and sorrows from yourself, tune in to the fact that you left them behind, in the past day. Remember before going to bed that good, funny and funny thing that happened during the day that you saw and remembered.

Do not sit in bed at the computer and do not watch TV! It is so easy to miss sleep time and gain negative emotions that will not let you fall asleep.

Sleep in a well-ventilated area. Better take a blanket warmer, but do not close the window: an influx of fresh air should be required!
Go to bed early to get enough sleep. Better between ten and eleven, but certainly no later than midnight. By the way, nutritionists claim that late laying is often the cause of excess weight. The body simply does not have time to carry out that work on the processing and complete decomposition of food that it conducts during night sleep. Moreover, the late rise does not help, since this process occurs only during sleep in complete darkness, when the body produces the hormone melatonin.

Secret 2. Make Awakening Pleasant

For the morning to please you, refuse the disgusting ring of the alarm clock. Set up a melody on your phone or computer that makes you smile. It can be connected with your favorite movie, summer vacation or any joyful event in your life. But let the sounds that wake you up in the morning, already through a dream, bring joy with them.

And it is very important to wake up the first time. People who set an alarm one hour before the rise, so that he wakes them up every 10 minutes, want to wake up gradually, and achieve the opposite effect: by the time they rise, they are already irritated and feel overwhelmed.

Psychologists unanimously argue that you need to train yourself to get up early, regardless of whether you are an owl or a lark. Indeed, according to studies, even among owls, those who wake up earlier, all day often feel more active and optimistic than those who wake up later.

And British psychologists did find out that among adults who stay in bed until 9-10 in the morning, overweight and a tendency to depression are much more common than those who are used to getting up at 7 in the morning.

Secret 3. Smile!

When you wake up, do not rush to jump out of bed. Just lie for a minute, enjoying peace, and smiling. Yes, maybe smiling and stupid, but it works! Even if at first the smile is somewhat artificial, gradually you will get used to starting the morning just like that and a good mood will visit you earlier and earlier.

While in bed, remember 10 reasons to be grateful to fate. This is not so hard! After all, you had where to sleep, you woke up, alive and well, now you will go to the shower and spend another ten minutes, or even half an hour, where you feel comfortable and calm. Here are a few reasons to thank the universe. Think the rest yourself. Just do not let yourself think about problems and matters, you will have time to think about them later. After all, a new day will bring you joy if in the morning you “order” your day correctly. Think good!

Secret 4. Magic glass of water

Drink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed. It is better that he be next to the bed in the evening, otherwise it is easy to forget about him. Do you think this is nonsense? But even yogis do the same, and they already know a lot about working with the body and spirit.

A glass of water on an empty stomach eliminates fluid deficiency, cleans mucous membranes from toxins and toxins that accumulate overnight, prepares the gastrointestinal tract for future work and provides a very mild laxative effect.

There are some very simple rules that yogis would call practitioners. Their implementation gives a result disproportionate to the time and effort spent. That's just a glass of water on an empty stomach - one of them. Just do not forget to drink it every morning.

Secret 5. What will wake us up

Turn on your favorite music, but not TV and radio, otherwise a lot of negative news and those songs that you didn’t choose will hit you early in the morning.

If it is difficult to wake up to the end in the morning, there are several tricks to cheer up. A massage of the ears and hands will help you. Rub your earlobes intensively, remember the whole ear, then roll a ribbed pencil in your palms, massage your fingers from the ends to the palm as if you were wearing tight gloves.

And, of course, for a successful awakening you need a morning shower! Psychologists and doctors unanimously say that there is nothing better than a contrast shower. It activates blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes and helps to tune in a positive way. But if you are not a supporter of extreme methods and do not like cold water, then it is better to do without stress. Then prefer the soft version: first make the water a little warmer, and then cooler, and so several times, ending with cool water.

As detergents, use gels and foams with citrus aromas, they help to wake up and increase the energy boost.

Secret 6. Hugs and other joys

Scientists have found it hugely helpful to cuddle. Include a hugging ritual in your morning routine. If you wake up at the same time with your loved one, it is good to hug in bed. But even if one of you leaves before the second one gets up, all the same, agree on the obligatory tender kiss goodbye. Then all day you will feel a loop of happiness.

Kiss and hug in the morning children and parents, you all will be better off! Love is such a resource that only grows from the fact that you spend it. You will see how much happier you will become if you get used to hugging and kissing loved ones every morning.

Secret 7. Proper breakfast

Be sure to have a delicious breakfast! Moreover, in the morning you can allow yourself to eat even what you usually deny yourself if you follow the figure. So why not treat yourself to all sorts of goodies? Breakfast, firstly, optimizes metabolism, and secondly, what you eat at breakfast is better absorbed by the body than what you eat at lunch and dinner.

True, starting with sweets and rolls is still not necessary. You can afford them at the end. And the most appropriate choice to ensure good health is cereals, granola, scrambled eggs, fruits and vegetables.

If you can do without coffee, then do it! Good tea is much healthier and invigorates. For example, choose black puer, this is the perfect morning tea. In Chinese medicine, it is considered “tea from a hundred diseases”, I attribute to it more than 20 healing properties, and it is also an effective means for losing weight, and it is not harmful to drink on an empty stomach!

Secret 8. Make Your Day

Stop for a moment and imagine how you want to see your present day. And not only today. Present in detail the more distant plans and dreams. For example, what your unfinished apartment will look like, or how you go barefoot along the surf, or how you rush into the sunset on a brand new motorcycle. Imagine your dream in detail and ... release this thought into the universe. Imagine your day and your dreams every morning, and you will see that not so much time will pass and your life will change. Ask the Universe what you want, and it will certainly be given to you.

Secret 9. Do small good deeds!

Leaving home, smile at your reflection and try not to lose a smile on the way to work. Smile to strangers in transport, carry a charge of positive all day! Our life consists of moments. So make sure that these moments are beautiful.

Do small good deeds! Give someone a place in public transport, hold the door, wish a good day to the saleswoman in the stall, treat the homeless dog with a sausage. It will be pleasant to those around you, and you will enjoy the fact that you did a little good deed!

Even if someone on the way to work someone angrily looked at you, pushed or yelled from a nearby car, just mentally show the fig in your pocket and keep a good mood!

Remember that your mood depends only on how you yourself relate to your surroundings. Make your good mood yourself. Have a good morning and have a wonderful day!

How to wake up quickly and easily - 9 ways

If your health is in order, an early rise is not so bad and usually becomes a habit quickly and easily. If the process is very tight, it is possible that the body is in trouble, listen to your well-being more carefully, you can even consult a doctor.

So, what can be done to easily and quickly wake up in the morning:

Move the alarm away

To make it easier to wake up early, you should expect pleasant moments: an invigorating drink, a delicious croissant, a basket of fruit in the kitchen. Thoughts about cooking breakfast and getting stuck in kitchen utensils are not the most efficient use of morning hours. The purchase of modern food processors, bread machines, microwave ovens, coffee makers with a timer for turning on your lift is a great way to wake up mouth-watering flavors in the morning.

Performance Planning and Comparison

To get up early in the morning, even if a habit has already developed for this, you need to reasonably. Use this time to the maximum benefit and enjoy it. Morning hours are simply ideal for fighting overweight, intellectual work and other self-improvement. Take on a specific project, define goals, plan it, write down the implementation steps, and then begin to sacrifice the morning hours of sleep. Remember to celebrate the effectiveness of the effort. Set control points, for example, at the end of the month. Evaluate the result and enjoy it, share achievements in social networks.

Early rise for company

Decided to go jogging, swimming, another sport? Getting up early is easier if you connect people close to you to the early lifts. If you have already seen in practice that your solution is efficient and effective, join a team of like-minded people or assemble your own. Then the morning hours for sports are simply perfect: rather, to the park, to the pool, to the stadium, take your husband / wife, friends, children. It is morning sport that is considered more useful, because evening physical activity is unnecessary excitement before bedtime, and immediately there are risks of counting elephants to sleep.

Develop your own system for quick early rise, but do not forget that your sleep must be sufficient for the duration. Knowing how to easily and quickly wake up early and, most importantly, why you need to do this, you can make quality and useful changes in your life. Be sure - you will succeed!

1. Put the right music

Select the correct melody for the alarm. She should not be annoying. In the morning we are particularly susceptible to everything, including sounds. You will want to quickly turn off the nasty alarm clock and fall asleep again. But it’s also not worth putting a very calm composition. Under it, you will only fall asleep more tightly.

Once you get out of bed, turn on the radio or your favorite playlist with energetic music. The body will automatically begin to move to the beat, the mood will rise, which means that you definitely don’t want to go back to bed.

3. Add light

Wake up in the morning will help light, ideally sunny. But if you had to get up before dawn or in cloudy weather, call for help electricity.

The fact is that in the dark, the sleep hormone Melatonin is actively produced by us. Therefore, after the alarm, turn on all possible light sources.

5. Smile

Go to the mirror and smile at your reflection, even if you don’t feel like it at all. Start simply with the mechanical movement of the lips. This will start the production of serotonin, the so-called hormone of joy.

American journalist Ron Gutman is sure that a smile can energize a person for the whole day. In his speech at the TED conference, Gutman compares the effect of a smile with getting a ton of money.

6. Charge

Short morning workouts not only help to wake up due to the flow of oxygen to the brain, but also improve your shape and make you happier. So spread the mat and do some exercises.

Every morning I start with exercises. It is better to give preference not to strength training, but to stretching. Gradually, you need to pull all your muscles and, of course, retract the abdominal muscles. This exercise can be started right in bed: pull your knee to your stomach. First right, then left, then both at the same time. So your body will wake up.

And you can focus on push ups. Perform three sets of 30-second intervals. The main thing - every time push up as much as you can. Such a simple workout will bring you into tone and energize you.

If weather permits, put on sportswear and shoes and go jogging. The benefits are twofold: morning cardio and fresh air.

7. Wash yourself

Once you get to the bathroom, wash yourself with cold water. This is stress for the body, which means that you definitely cheer up.

Well, you will become more beautiful. Beauticians say that cold water protects the skin from premature aging. If you have the time and energy, freeze some ice in the evening. In the morning, wipe your face with a couple of cubes. This procedure will help to wake up and save you from bags under the eyes.

9. Take a contrast shower

This is a very simple, accessible to everyone and at the same time effective way. Just do not immediately pour over ice water, and then pour yourself boiling water over it. The temperature should be comfortable. Increase the difference gradually.

And one more important rule: start the procedure with warm water, and end with cold.

10. Drink a glass of water

After water procedures, drink a glass of water. This is a real alarm clock for your body. Water will trigger digestive processes, and the body will realize that it is time to work. Athletes and those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle regularly start the day with water.

Water is found in most tissues of the human body. Therefore, in the morning it is impossible to wake up without it.

11. Smell coffee beans or orange

To invigorate, it is not necessary to drink coffee, it is enough to smell its grains. So say A whiff of coffee can wake you up scientists from the United States. The fact is that the rich aroma of good coffee reduces the activity of genes that are responsible for drowsiness. The citrus aroma also has an invigorating effect.

Do not forget about it when you choose an air fragrance or shower gel.

12. Cook and eat breakfast

A delicious breakfast and even the thought of it will help you wake up. Do not limit yourself to scrambled eggs, experiment. Moreover, in the morning you can afford both proteins and carbohydrates.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Overeating will have the opposite effect, and you will want to sleep.

And yes, get enough sleep

Most experts consider 7-9 hours of night rest to be the norm for Understanding Sleep. And the staff of Arizona University came to the conclusion The secret to happiness is getting EXACTLY seven hours and six minutes of sleep a night, that for happiness a person needs to sleep exactly 7 hours 6 minutes.

If you can’t lie on time, experts recommend that you calculate your sleep time so that it is a multiple of one and a half hours. So even after a short rest you will have a chance to wake up alert.

How to learn to get up early in the morning without magic and get enough sleep?

There is a whole range of actions on how to start the morning. You can choose the ones that suit you, you can combine, you can do one thing, if that works. We will list progressively: from the moment when you just opened your eyes, to complete awakening. For example:

  1. Turn off the alarmif he continues to ring, he has already fulfilled his main function.
  2. Turn on the lamp at the head - bright light will work on the gradual awakening of the body.
  3. Reach out or yawnif there is such a need. In fact, we yawn when we want to cheer up, and not vice versa. Therefore, yawning in the morning is a very useful thing.
  4. Smile and try to set yourself up in a positive way. The upcoming day is just beginning, and there will be a lot of good in it only if you yourself set the mood.
  5. Glass of water. Very important and beneficial action. In order to wake up faster and normalize fluid levels after sleep, the body needs at least one glass of water in the morning.
  6. Do a charge. No need to invent complex exercises or put a barbell and a set of weights at home. It is enough just to stretch the muscles and make a small stretch - so the body is more likely to wake up and come in tone.

For a greater effect, you can perform a set of morning exercises of yoga - they can be found freely available on the Internet, but it is better to consult with experienced teachers.

  1. Wash with cold water or take a contrast shower - this is another good way to cheer up, moreover, after charging it will be very useful.
  2. The right start to the morning - good breakfast. He will give you energy for the whole day. This is the most important of all meals. Oatmeal with fruits, yogurt, eggs and chicken are ideal breakfast foods. Choose and compose your diet. It’s better to do it right away for a week in advance.
  3. Eliminate the intake of fatty and spicy foods in the morning, do not add syrups and remember that saturation comes after 10 minutes from the beginning of the meal - wait until it is assimilated.

  1. At any of the steps described above, you music will help to wake up - an energetic and favorite song or a playlist right away.
  2. The advantage will be the opportunity walk in the morning. Walking after sleep will strengthen all the measures taken earlier, and you will completely wake up.

How to enter the mode? What to do if you lay down late and did not sleep?

To begin with, the optimal time for a healthy sleep is at least 7 hours. If you sleep less than three, no matter how hard you try, it’s not easy to wake up. In the interval from three to seven hours of sleep, the likelihood of a comfortable awakening exists, but the body will be exhausted and quickly tired. Seven hours is a minimum, and you should not experiment with health.

What to do if there was no daily routine and now you need to get up early? There are a number of measures that are simple and straightforward.

Prepare yourself in advance for the morning awakening:

  1. Two hours before bedtime, any meals should be ruled out. Moreover, this applies to fatty and spicy dishes, alcohol and coffee - if you do not want to toss and turn midnight and do not get enough sleep, forget about them after six in the evening.
  2. Try rehearsing the morning awakening. It sounds funny, but it works. Set an alarm for a few minutes ahead. Lie down on the bed and imagine that you are sleeping. When the alarm rings, turn it off immediately and stand up. Do this several times - the body will develop a habit and over time it will wake up easier and faster.
  3. Playing with the alarm clock - put the mechanism away from you, for example, in the far corner of the room, - on the table. Thus, to turn it off, you have to get out of bed.
  4. Ask a friend or relative to call in the morning and wake up.
  5. At night, put a glass of water at the head of the bed so that you do not have to go to the kitchen after waking up.
  6. Make a to-do list for the day. There will be a sense of upcoming work, and you will not be able to sleep for long.

  1. Think of a reward for your early rise: buy clothes for charging or a bathrobe, prepare a delicious breakfast in advance and leave it for the night, watch the delayed episode of your favorite series or read the chapter of a good book.
  2. Do not go to bed with confused thoughts, doubts, resentment, or anger. The body will not be able to sleep due to stress and anxiety. Try to sort out all the exciting questions for the evening.
  3. At least an hour before bedtime, put aside gadgets, close social networks and turn off the TV. Better read something neutral or light to emotionally tune in to good dreams.
  4. Meditate or do evening yoga exercises. Your muscles will relax and it will be easier to fall asleep.
  5. Also, a cool shower will act on the state of the body. It is cool, because after it you wrap yourself in a warm blanket and fall asleep.
  6. Do not like the cold? A hot bath with essential oils will relax you and make your dream serene and light.
  7. Do not overload yourself - the right rest will restore strength and efficiency.
  8. A quick massage will help you get into the kingdom of Morpheus. In case of insomnia, do special massage exercises - they can easily be found on the Internet.

If, despite the efforts made, you constantly want to sleep, you may need to see a doctor.

Stick to your sleep pattern - wake up and fall asleep at the same time. Thus, you will consolidate the habit and after months you can wake up without an alarm clock. But if drowsiness appears earlier than usual, do not suffer - go to bed.