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Laser hair removal


To remove unwanted vegetation on the body has recently become a popular diode laser. This method is the most common and safe. Laser energy acts on the hair follicles, eliminating them, but it does not harm the integrity of the epidermis.

Types of Lasers

Diode laser hair removal is not the only hair removal procedure. Modern specialists in beauty salons, in addition to diode, use the following lasers:

  1. Ruby. It is characterized by low efficiency of follicle removal, as well as the inability to carry out hair removal on fair hair.
  2. Alexandrite. It is quite similar to the diode procedure, but provides for the possibility of a burn.
  3. Neodymium. A painful procedure that requires repeated visits to the salon to obtain a short-term result.

All these methods, of course, are effective, but still the diode laser reviews are much better. In addition to the classic variety, when only dark hairs are removed, there are others:

  • elos - a procedure designed to remove light hairs, it is quite painful and expensive,
  • cool - less dangerous, but quite effective hair removal, which requires a specially designed room for this, as well as highly skilled craftsmen.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diode laser

In many cities, people are given the opportunity to try out a diode laser. The high-quality apparatus used for hair removal is always present in the salons provided with this service. The procedure has its advantages and disadvantages by which any person can clearly understand for themselves whether he needs such a method of hair removal.

The main advantages of diode laser hair removal include:

  • absolutely the same result after working with hairs, regardless of their type and color,
  • hair removal in undesirable places, as well as rejuvenation with a diode laser, can be performed on tanned skin,
  • despite the fact that each person’s skin reacts differently to the effects of the laser, the procedure is almost completely painless,
  • for complete baldness of a certain area, about 4-6 sessions of laser therapy will be required,
  • burns or redness do not remain after exposure to a diode laser,
  • the longest duration of the procedure is 60 minutes,
  • the main part of the follicles is guaranteed to be affected from the first session,
  • there is an opportunity to get rid of unpleasant black dots remaining after shaving beards and mustaches.

In addition to the positive aspects, diode laser hair removal also has negative features, but, fortunately, their number is much smaller. Among the main disadvantages:

  • hair removal will require a little more sessions,
  • the cost is not available to everyone.

Depending on the area of ​​conduct, mild soreness may be felt. As a rule, it is most difficult to endure a procedure carried out on the skin of the face. After all, there the skin is very thin, and in addition, nerve endings are located close to each other in this part. In any other area (legs, bikini zone and so on), only slight injections can be felt.

The principle of operation of the device

Diode laser hair removal has been familiar to the public for about forty years. Over all this time, its effectiveness has never been worse than the results obtained from the use of other lasers.

The procedure is performed by a special device that acts on the hair pigment and destroys the follicle. Due to this, unnecessary hairs fall out, and the skin becomes smooth.

A diode laser, the use of which is not a mandatory procedure at all, is able to remove vegetation of any thickness, density and color. But there are certain exceptions to the rules - the method does not work on gray or cannon hairs. On the device for epilation, a sapphire tip is provided that reliably protects the epidermis from the appearance of burns and reduces pain.

During laser hair removal, a beam is used that has a sufficiently large energy. It is because of this that experts consider this procedure as a whole complex of cosmetic manipulations in combination with some elements of plastic surgery. Based on this, the question arises about the availability of a specially equipped room for the procedure.

As a rule, most often people turn to the service of hair removal due to aesthetic reasons. The hairs absorb unpleasant odors that can be smelling from afar, and are also an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and germs. But the lack of hair significantly facilitates personal hygiene, especially in the groin and armpits.

Indications for the procedure for hair removal with a diode laser:

  1. Accelerated hair growth.
  2. The presence of hair in hard to reach places.
  3. Excessive skin sensitivity to razors.
  4. After shaving with a classic blade, the skin takes on a grayish-blue hue.
  5. Regular appearance of ingrown hairs.
  6. Folliculitis.
  7. Strong hair stiffness.

Diode Laser: Contraindications

Epilation of this type is strictly prohibited in the presence of at least one of the following symptoms:

  1. The abundance of moles in the area that should be epilated.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. Fungus.
  4. Cancerous diseases.
  5. Pregnancy or lactation period.
  6. Injured areas in the area where laser intervention is necessary.
  7. The presence of a large number of keloid scars or a tendency to their appearance.
  8. The period of taking antibiotics.
  9. Hives.
  10. Frequent allergic reactions.

Everyone should know that if there are endocrinological abnormalities in his body, then the procedure for removing hair in undesirable places will be ineffective or will not produce any result, and the money will be wasted. In people suffering from such problems and upsetting hormonal balance, there are more and more hairs on the arms and legs. They have an unpleasant appearance, as their length increases and the color darkens.

Preparation for the procedure

As with any similar procedure, you need to carefully prepare for hair removal, where the main device is a diode laser. The use of this device cannot be carried out on areas of the skin where hairs were plucked or shaved over the last day. Two days before visiting a specialist, it is necessary to shave the hair in the epilated area so that the length of the hairs is not too long, and the irritation has already passed.

To remove vegetation, its length should not exceed one millimeter. Otherwise, the entire laser action will be aimed at heating the hair and will not reach the follicle.

In addition, on the day of hair removal you should not use all kinds of products containing any oils, because they can create a film that interferes with the removal of hairs. And the application of decorative cosmetics or creams at the site of hair removal can lead to the appearance of minor burns.

Important points

If the procedure is done for the first time, then you need to consult a dermatologist before it. Thanks to him, it will be possible to know exactly whether hair removal is allowed based on the results of the anamnesis and a thorough examination. In addition, the doctor will quickly enough be able to determine the presence of any symptoms in which laser hair removal of this type is contraindicated.

The process of elimination of vegetation itself should be carried out on a special couch. The eyes of the patient and specialist must be protected by glasses that do not transmit laser beams.

During hair removal, the cosmetologist processes the hair with flashes, after which the follicles die, and the growing shaft simply burns. Therefore, during this period you can hear a slight smell of singed hairs.

Rehabilitation and care

After the procedure, carried out by a diode laser, you should remember the basic rules of care and some nuances:

  • in the first days, the skin will be prone to diseases,
  • for a couple of weeks it is forbidden to sunbathe in the solarium, visit the beaches,
  • it is not recommended to use hard exfoliating scrubs - it is better to replace them with warm water and a soft towel,
  • in case of redness, this area should be treated with a baby cream (preferably without unnecessary additional components),
  • if there are dark spots that do not come down within 3-5 days, you need to see a doctor,
  • in the next two to three weeks after the procedure, it is not recommended to strain.

Diode laser: reviews

Already a lot of people have used this service, so it has many reviews. It is very difficult to find negative comments, as people are happy with the procedure.

Girls who do hair removal in the bikini zone claim that in order to completely get rid of the hairs, they needed only 4-5 sessions, and after the first visit to the specialist, a good result was already visible.

In addition, people who use the service before traveling to the sea respond especially well. After all, there you always want to look attractive to the opposite sex. After consulting with a dermatologist and completing the procedure on time, the patients were able to relax in warm places without undue problems without feeling any discomfort. In addition, people are completely satisfied with the ratio of cost and result.

With all the minuses, I'm happy with the result!

Eight months have passed since the last (final) procedure, and finally making sure as a result I decided to write about my experience with using a laser with the goal of achieving perfectly smooth skin, without unnecessary vegetation. In general, about the minuses, pluses and try to give recommendations, maybe they will be useful to someone.

So, I did the epilation on the bikini area (deep bikini), I came to the “laser” completely desperate, in addition to shaving, I had the experience of trying photos of hair removal, shugaring and of course wax (the last 2 I had a maximum of 2 weeks, then problems with with ingrown hair, irritation, etc.), I did not dare to use electro. The photo removal didn’t suit me, that is, in general, from 2 procedures I didn’t get a single hair at all! As an intelligent specialist (who did laser hair removal) explained to me later The photo is more suitable for people with blond hair, I have dark hair and fair skin, the laser is ideal for me, and vice versa, the laser takes worse blonde hair. I believe they have an Alexandrid laser.

Reading reviews before I decided to go to the laser, I was just horrified, many wrote about the terrible pains during the procedure and I was preparing for some kind of execution, but now from my own experience I can say that in my case this was not so, despite the fact that I feel pain very strongly, I have a very high pain threshold. So, the main points, I will tell you for a long time and tediously so as to try to give the maximum information that I know myself:

  • Firstly: as my doctor answered (to my question, "Where is the hellish pain?"), it depends on the laser, more precisely on its characteristics, how old the model is, etc.
  • Secondly: a lot of people who write about the procedure really confuse laser hair removal with photos and this leads to confusion and completely incorrect conclusions about the procedure (these are also the words of the doctor). Yes, I can say that the photo was actually a painful procedure, at least for me, I thought that I would still have a burn, but thank God it cost.
  • Prices for laser hair removal vary greatly depending on the prestige of the clinic and again the device.
  • Guaranteed that hair will not grow given for 5 years then a small amount of hair may appear, which can be easily eliminated in 1-2 procedures, BUT! No one can guarantee that due to the hormonal surge they will not begin to grow again.
  • Procedures are required on average from 6 to 8 (+ the same number of corrections), it depends on the zone (with the bikini zone the hardest and the longest) and on individual characteristics, I had 7 procedures and 7 corrections. In connection with all this, not a single doctor will be able to tell you exactly how many procedures will be required, this will become clear in dynamics, after about 5 procedures.
  • The correction price is half the cost.
  • It feels like a slight electric shock, the first 4 procedures it was a slight tingling, did not deprive anything, in the last 3 it was noticeable, as the energy is increased, but I used the emulsion, applied it to the treated area and wrapped it with cling film 30 minutes before the procedure, so I almost did not feel anything. Sensitivity of course also depends on the cycle.
  • The time interval between the procedures: Procedure - after 3 weeks correction - a month and a half after the correction, a new procedure.I recommend intervals after until the next. stretch the procedure as much as possible (there you will be given 3 weeks, if possible, go to the very last week) so that as many "sleeping" hairs get out.
  • You can shave all this time, you even need to, moreover, so that the procedure is less noticeable, the hairs should be as short as possible, the doctor told me to shave for a day, so that the "points" were knocked out and she saw the circuit that needs to be processed, that's allif the hair is long you will really hurt!
  • It is impossible to do depilation in any form (be it wax, depilator, tweezers, or shugaring) 2 months before the start of the procedures and all the time they are carried out, since the bulbs can freeze for a long time and come out even when you complete the entire course, this way you will harm yourself.
  • After 3 procedures, the result is obvious, “bald spots” appear and the hair becomes softer and thinner despite constant shaving.
  • Hair after the procedure begins to just fall out approximately after 7 days.
  • It is better to start in the cold season due to the fact that the skin becomes photosensitive and should gradually get used to it, in summer or during a vacation on the beach use a protective cream, I calmly sunbathed with a protection factor of 35 and everything is fine.
  • Before the procedures, visit a gynecologist and take an analysis for oncocytology (onco markers), at the slightest hint of oncology, do the procedure NOT!
  • The laser does not affect the skin in any way, if I had a slight redness then a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • The procedure is very fast, everything was processed for me in 7 minutes.
  • Now the hair on the treated area does not grow at all, the skin is like that of a baby, as before I started using a razor. Saving up money on my legs and armpits!
  • Carefully look for the master about whom good real reviews from visitors, a lot depends on him, about 70% of unsuccessful experiences of laser hair removal precisely because of the inept "specialist".

If there are any other questions on the topic, write, I will be happy to answer if I can.

The purpose of laser procedures

To date laser hair removal - Perhaps the fastest way to get rid of excess hair for a long time. The purpose of laser procedures - destroy the hair follicle during the growth stage. Within 2 weeks, the "dead" hair will gradually fall out, but soon new ones will appear that were previously in "sleep mode". Visiting a beautician with a frequency of once every 2-3 weeks, you can gradually get rid of excess hair.

Like any cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's first consider the cons:

Cons of laser hair removal

1. It feels like a laser flash resembles a light electric shock. It is unlikely that we all experienced the strength of the current, but after trying epilation, only this comparison comes to mind.

2. You need to grow about 5 mm. It is good if you have hair removal in closed areas of the body.And if it's the upper lip or chin? Agree, it will not look very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Do not sunbathe before and after the procedure. The laser may not work on tanned skin. After epilation, you can not sunbathe for at least 2 weeks, otherwise you can get severe burns.

4. Expensive. One flash costs from 80r. Prices may vary by region. The diameter of the flash is about 10 kopecks. And now transfer the area for depilation to rubles.

5. It is not forever. No matter how much the advertisement blows, getting rid of hair for life is not yet possible. The hair follicles will rise, like a phoenix from the ashes, in 6-7 years.

6. It takes 7 to 10 treatments. You won’t be able to defeat hated hairiness the first time. Only a part of the hair is on the surface while the rest are “sleeping”. For their complete extermination, from 3 to 10 procedures may be required. It all depends on the thickness, color and density.

The benefits of laser hair removal

But, despite such an impressive list of minuses, there are pluses:

1. Will no longer shave, and, consequently, irritation.

2. Your skin is perfect at any time of the day.

3. You will have more free time.

If you want to try, but it seems that it is too expensive, calculate how much money you will spend on funds for depilation for 7 years. In any case, the choice is yours.