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Cocoa and piss on the train - rules for visiting the toilet


Going to the toilet is a completely natural activity.

However, doctors recommend doing this procedure correctly and abandon many habits associated with going to the toilet, as they can lead to health problems. About 10 errors when visiting the toilet room reported the publication "Infoniak".

First, experts advise washing the toilet as often as possible, since microbes accumulate in its room.

Another rule says. During bowel movements, you need to sit on the toilet properly.

When we sit, bending our legs at an angle of 90 degrees, the natural passage of the chair is difficult and blocked. An angle of 35 degrees is considered natural. To achieve this, you need to put your feet on a small stool or box.

Also, experts do not recommend sitting on the toilet for too long. A long time spent in this position puts pressure on the lower veins of the rectum. Over time, the expansion of the veins of the rectum can lead to hemorrhoids and all the troubles associated with it.

When the bowel is empty, you can not push hard. Tension or restraint of breath, puts pressure on the veins. In this situation, you can earn anal fissures.

To reduce pressure, you need to sit down a few seconds. This position naturally aligns the intestines, helping to promote stool with less effort.

After emptying, you must also look at your chair. Its appearance can tell a lot about what is happening in the body. If the stool has turned black or bright red, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Experts advise not to ignore the smell of urine. If it is very strong and unpleasant, and the urine is dark and cloudy, this can indicate an infection of the urinary tract or bladder.

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If urine smells like ammonia, and its color is concentrated, it means that the body lacks fluid.

One more tip. Do not use large amounts of bleach to clean the toilet. This can cause poisoning, and if the concentration is too high, it can even be fatal.

Do not wipe thoroughly with toilet paper. Aggressive wiping and too thorough cleansing with soap and scented wipes can irritate the skin between the buttocks, causing itching and inflammation.

Do not throw wet wipes into the toilet. They do not decompose in water after 10 minutes, unlike toilet paper, which breaks into tiny pieces in a few seconds.

Do not flush the toilet with the lid open. A "toilet loop" of a mixture of small particles of waste and water from the toilet is sprayed 4.5 meters upwards when flushing. This leads to

transmission of infectious diseases.

But what you need to do is wash your hands thoroughly after the toilet. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection and disease.

Experts recommend that after hands have been soaped, they need to be washed for 20 seconds.

What should I prepare for if I wanted to poop or piss on the train?

If you have to travel by train, just in case, take along a pack of napkins and hand sanitizer. As already mentioned above, the unsanitary conditions there are complete and you can pick up E. coli two times. There may not be paper at all, the washbasin may also be absent or not work. If we are talking about long-distance trains, then usually people getting on a train immediately start to get grub and not washed hands will play a cruel joke. This is very serious and dangerous to health, a simple splint may not be limited. Do you need it? Better safe than sorry. Hand fluid can be bought at a store or pharmacy.

What you need to know about the toilet on the train?

Few trains in Russia are equipped with dry closets. Basically, poop is thrown right on the rails. Therefore, visiting the toilet on the train is prohibited in the settlements. From this it follows that shit will have to be in motion. You will chat from side to side, get ready.

Also, if you wanted to use the toilet on the train, you don’t have to endure it until the very last moment, especially when it comes to electric trains. There most likely will have to take a queue.


Everything is very simple here. There is such a stink, you instantly stink even when standing next to this room. And after her visit, the smell will follow you for another 5 minutes.

Cocoa on the train - highlights

If you eat in the train, then there are usually no toilets, but they are on the trains. But sits on them bare ass is not worth it. There is a bunch of any infection. Better not sit on it at all. Therefore, we will shit in a semi-sitting position, of course it is inconvenient and there can be no question of any proper bowel movement, and the ass can be smeared with poop. But you have to tolerate. It is necessary to carefully rest in order not to fall off your feet at the most crucial moment, otherwise it will be a complete finish. And how do you run into it? Thank God the room is small and you can lean your hands on the walls. Most likely, the other passengers of the train have already torn up to you in this position and the walls in those places are quite dirty. Fuck knows what they touched before. Therefore, do not take it with your bare hands, use a napkin. At the end of all procedures, be sure to wash your hands, if possible, and treat with hand sanitizer, which we spoke about earlier.

On the Internet you can find many photos on the background of railway rails. But in reality, everything is not as colorful as it seems. It is full of fuel oil. And if you are out of town, then this may not be fuel oil at all, but the stool of the passengers of the train, covered with oil.

How to write on the train?

It is much easier for men to cope with the need for a little train. It is enough to get your hose and direct it to the right place. But try to aim the mark, so as not to piss everything around, if the car is staggered, and at speed they stagger a lot. There is no catch; you should leave clean. If all the passengers on the train are more careful, then the toilets will be much cleaner and less stink. But alas, many people are pigs by nature.

Writing on the train is a little harder for women. Standing they are unlikely to be able to do this. Therefore, writing to the girl in the train will also need to be like poop. Of course, if you are in a skirt, then you can try.

You should not stand near the passing train in the countryside. As already mentioned, shit is dumped on the rails. At a speed, it immediately spreads over them, but if a visitor throws an object there, he may ricochet and injure you. Be careful. If you are a passenger, then do not throw objects at the push of the train.

Traveling by train can bring a lot of surprises. The railway is not a place for entertainment. Do not neglect the rules of conduct and safety on the railway. Be careful and not too gullible.


If you think that unsanitary conditions are the only thing waiting for you in the train toilet, then you are mistaken. Internet users must have come across a view from hidden cameras in public toilets. And in the train toilet, too, a camera can be hidden. Although the installation of cameras is prohibited in toilets and locker rooms, but bad people do not sleep.

There was a site about poop on the air, we wish you good luck on the road and may everything be fine with you. We bow to you, we are always glad to see you on the pages of our site.

On the train, you can only rip off while squatting - the toilet bowl is pissed and rubbed many times. And as a hygiene product, wet wipes are suitable, which are simply necessary on the trip - at least wipe your hands, even the anus. It’s good to wipe your ass on the road with wet wipes, intimates or to remove makeup (do not irritate, soaked in moisturizer).

And it’s better not to eat at all a couple of days before the trip. Toda and problems will be less. I myself, knowing about the problem, do just that. Once I rode a train for four days. I didn’t eat or drink anything. The only thing - on the last day I bought a small bag of kefir. But I have never visited the toilet for the entire trip. Plus, in two days I also didn’t eat anything and for a day I didn’t drink anything in front of the road. And to visit these terrible toilets, where at the end of the first day the water always ends and then no longer appears until the arrival station itself, - the attraction is not for me ...

Do not eat is a great way out. If only there was enough willpower! For four days not to eat - that's cool, I can’t get it. Now, if a day! Therefore, you need to adapt, stock up with wet antibacterial wipes. There are pluses to shit at speed - a swaying train shakes out homogeneous from the ass!

Crap like I wanted to shit when I was traveling on a smelly train) I couldn’t even go to the toilet, because the whole jolt was deliberately smeared with shit.

I will never forget how I suffered during a school trip to another city! A day there and a day back in the reserved seat. Entering the first (and last) time in this infernal cabin smaller than our country toilet, was shocked by rock paintings with anal gouache on the walls and not only ... It's been about 10 years, but I can’t be in public toilets. Mental trauma.

Something you said such horrors here. Now on the Russian Railways regarding cleanliness and order quite strictly. The whole car has not stinked for a long time. And in the toilets, the conductors periodically clean. Toilet paper, soap, hot water are always there. There are problems with toilets in winter during severe frosts, when the drain freezes. Conductors begin to run with boiling water or at the nearest station to chip off ice with crowbar. Although, the design of the car seems to provide for heating the drain. And so, how much I go on business trips in recent years - I have never experienced any significant inconvenience with going to the toilet. And with the “dry closets” it is completely at home.