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Spinach leaves are one of the most loved elements in many cuisines of the world. Spinach belongs to a leafy vegetable that has few calories, has a large number of vitamins and antioxidants, and also it pleases with a neutral taste, due to which you can add it to different products.

Spinach has been known for a long time; people in ancient times revered this leafy vegetable.

For many years it was believed that it was he - the richest source of iron among a variety of food products. Different sources claimed differently, but on average it turned out that spinach contains about 35 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of product. But only after many years it became known that this is a mistake. The fact is that the researcher who studied spinach lost a comma before the results were announced. In fact, 100 grams of spinach contains from 2.7 to 3.5 mg of iron, not more. Of course, such an amount is much less than the amount previously agreed upon, but this is not at all small. When eating 100 grams of spinach, a person receives a quarter of the norm of iron required per day.

Key Benefits of Spinach

Another advantage of spinach is that this the product is very "light" in calories. It only 23 kcal per 100 grams, but fiber at the same time he has enough. Nutritionists recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight. After all, with a small calorie content, it is able to provide a good feeling of satiety. Among other things, it helps to lower cholesterol in the blood, which is also important.

Fresh or frozen spinach leaves are also rich in vitamins A and CThese are vital antioxidant vitamins. These leaves are also rich in bioflavonoids lutein, zeaxanthiomas and beta-carotene. Such compounds perfectly fight free radicals, are able to improve vision and help fight cancer cells very well.

Vitamin K in one hundred grams of spinach contains more than four daily allowances. Ethis vitamin helps in the process of strengthening bones, promotes bone growth. Vitamin K also helps to reliably protect nerve cells from damage, and in our time it is very important.

There are spinach and B vitamins in the leaves, among which are folic acid. They contain magnesium, manganese and potassium, copper, zinc and magnesium. The latter is very necessary for the synthesis of enzymes. They are able to regulate the growth and synthesis of enzymes, and in addition to this, they produce healthy sperm and take care of digestion.

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What are the benefits of spinach?

The benefits of spinach are incredible, they add it to diet dishes, and are used as decorations for salads and side dishes. Adults and children love spinach, which affects their health very well. But, Despite this benefit, there are some limitations to using it. For example, spinach is contraindicated for people with poor blood coagulation, since it contains a large amount of vitamin K. It is also undesirable to use it to all those who take anticoagulants. So if you have similar problems, you should consult your doctor before consuming spinach.

It is also very important to note that spinach contains oxalic acid. And she is known for her negative property of promoting the formation of stones in some urolithiasis. And goitrogens in spinach can be dangerous for people who suffer from thyroid diseases.

Spinach can be bought fresh or frozen. You can treat yourself to fresh spinach only in the summer; in winter it is not at all easy to find it fresh, so choosing spinach in the winter is safe and frozen. Many express concerns when buying frozen foods. With regard to spinach, all fears can be discarded, since deep freezing helps preserve virtually all of its beneficial substances.

Most often, this fresh salad is eaten raw - it is added to salads, made sandwiches, and even squeezed juice. During the heat treatment, the antioxidant properties of the product will be much less. But, nevertheless, I use it for cooking soups, they are added to fish, meat, and side dishes. Tasty spinach add to pasta or rice, use for baking. Spinach with eggs and fish goes well. It is often made from spinach sauce, it has a characteristic green color. By the way, it is spinach that is often used to make pasta or pastries green. This natural dye does not cause rejection by the body, and its neutral taste does not spoil the main taste of the dish.

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Do not deny yourself spinach

Do not be afraid of frozen foods. Nowadays it is very difficult to find quality, healthy and at the same time, delicious dishes, it can be said simply impossible. In the market, we observe continuous semi-finished products, a lot of baked goods, canned products. And the body so needs fresh, healthy and vitamin-rich foods. They are usually difficult to find, and even at an affordable price.

Eating exotic fruits is expensive; ordinary vegetables are completely tasteless in the winter and can be dangerous to some extent. And frozen spinach in this regard is just a great option to diversify and enrich your diet. To find a lot of interesting recipes with the addition of this product is not difficult right now. And due to the taste of spinach it’s so easy to learn to love! Therefore, introduce it into your diet, and your body will certainly be grateful for it!

Benefits of Spinach

Spinach leaves contain vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, PP, P, E, D2, K, minerals. Spinach is especially useful in areas where iodine deficiency is felt and people have various health problems.

Spinach is valued for its high protein content in leaves. Only the unripe fruits of peas and beans contain more protein than spinach. The regular consumption of spinach leaves inhibits the development of malignant tumors. Therefore, it has recently been used in the treatment of radiation sickness.

In addition to proteins, a large amount of organically bound and easily digestible iron gives a particular value. The leaves contain 0.5-1.4% carbohydrates, 2.1% minerals, the leading place among which belongs to potassium.

There is a lot of fiber in spinach. It is even called a "broom" for the intestines, because spinach promotes intestinal function and, consequently, weight loss. Spinach completely eliminates constipation, normalizes peristalsis. And due to the large amount of fiber and coarse fibers that are not digested but swell, spinach literally physically cleanses the intestines.

According to scientists, spinach slows down the appearance of problems in the nervous system caused by aging, and also prevents the occurrence of cognitive impairment.

Spinach is used for diseases of the nervous system, exhaustion, anemia, anemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, gastritis, enterocolitis. It has a mild tonic, laxative, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Spinach is useful for recovering from serious illnesses.

Spinach also lowers blood sugar. Takes care of our beauty. People who eat spinach have healthy strong teeth, nails, magnificent hair and young skin, even in adulthood there are at least wrinkles on it.

Spinach strengthens the heart and gives a healthy, sound sleep, makes vision clearer, and helps increase mental performance.

The iron in spinach prevents the formation of cellulite. Spinach is used for the prevention of tumors and radiation sickness. Traditional medicine of the East uses spinach as an anti-zingotic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and mild laxative.

Dangerous properties of spinach

It is not recommended only to those who suffer from urinary, renal, gallstone diseases and gout.

Dishes from spinach are immediately used as food, because when stored from the nitrate salts in this culture, harmful nitrogenous salts are formed.

When boiling spinach, the first water is drained (nitrates will leave with it), and it is prepared in the second water. The spinach contains oxalic acid, to neutralize it, add a little milk to the water during cooking.