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How to strengthen the immunity of the child: 7 reliable ways


Many children experience frequent diseases at an early age, so caring mothers try to use dozens of drugs to strengthen immunity. A disease is not always a weakened immunity; on the contrary, it is a signal that the body is fighting a harmful virus. Learn how to increase the immunity of a child 1 year old and older.

Immunologist's advice on how to boost your child’s immunity

Health issues must be consulted with specialists. The first person to contact is a pediatrician. He will prescribe the necessary tests, give recommendations on taking medications. Sometimes it is necessary to consult an immunologist who will prescribe treatment, additional studies, if necessary, will tell in detail how to increase the child’s immunity. When to contact an immunologist:

  1. The child was exposed to acute respiratory viral infections more than 6 times a year or there were complications after infection.
  2. Otitis media, pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis are frequent.
  3. With diseases, the temperature does not increase (the body does not fight the virus).
  4. Allergy.
  5. Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck or armpits.

Some tips from immunologists on how to increase the immunity of a child:

  1. Do morning exercises, sports, play outdoor games throughout the day.
  2. More vitamin C in the diet (ginger tea, honey, lemon). Get ascorbic acid from a pharmacy.
  3. Let's have more fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, greens.
  4. Temper your children and go for a walk in any weather. Take a contrast shower, do not try to confuse the child and accustom to drinking cold drinks.
  5. Do seasonal vaccination.

How to increase immunity in a child with folk remedies

Natural treatment in order to strengthen the body's immune system effectively. The parent will not have to run to the pharmacy for expensive means. How can you increase the immunity of a child with the help of traditional medicine:

  1. Garlic and onion. Even the aroma of these vegetables helps kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses. You can add finely chopped garlic or onions to the dishes, or they can be placed around the peeled house.
  2. Sour-milk products. It is saturated with useful bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which improve the intestinal microflora. Calcium, contained in yoghurts, cheeses, sourdough, also helps strengthen bones.
  3. Lemon. If you are not allergic to citrus, feel free to add a little lemon to your diet.
  4. Nuts. Mix different types of nuts or one with honey, let's eat a healthy sweet baby. Honey is also a great way to increase immunity: choose a buckwheat or linden variety.
  5. Decoctions and fruit drinks. Rosehip, chamomile, currants, blueberries in drinks are very useful for improving health and protecting against infections.

How to increase immunity for a 2 year old child at home

Before strengthening the child’s immune system using various means, eliminate stressful situations from his life. Make sure your diet is balanced. Decoctions and infusions with a specific taste can not always be offered to the baby, he may not drink them at all. How to increase the immunity of a child of 2 years in this case? Useful sweets will help you. Recipe:

  1. chop raisins, dried apricots, nuts,
  2. add some honey, lemon juice,
  3. mix, keep the mixture in the refrigerator:
  4. three times a day, give the baby a teaspoon of this composition.

How to improve the immunity of a child in 3 years before kindergarten

Love is what an adult parent can give his baby at any time, and this will be the best cure for infections. When the child feels caring, warm, the kindergarten is not afraid of him, he will not be sick, and stress is not threatened. Be sure to start the morning with a charge, give more vitamin C and fresh berries, vegetables, fruits. Rest and active games alternate, you must definitely take a walk on a fresh vacation. Be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene, after each walk on the street, visiting the toilet, teach children to wash their hands.

How to raise the immunity of a child at 4 years after illness

When the baby is ill, his body is significantly weakened, and you must prevent re-infection. What will improve the condition:

  1. Ventilate the rooms in the house, thoroughly do wet cleaning, wipe the dust.
  2. Follow the hygiene of the child at home and on a walk, so as not to replenish the "reserves" of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  3. You need to drink more fluids, eat right, eat less sweet, fried, fatty, floury.
  4. A good mood greatly affects the strength of the body's defense, so use active games that the baby likes.

Method number 1. Proper nutrition

According to a 2002 World Health Organization study, breast milk is not only a collection of healthy substances that can easily be replaced with a mixture. It contains components that contribute to the maturation of the intestinal mucosa and the natural formation of strong immunity.

Mother's milk contains antibodies that make it easier to transfer diseases and quickly form your own protective system in the baby’s body. Thanks to this, there is less need to buy expensive drugs for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections.

WHO recommends by all means to maintain lactation for at least one year. It is even better to feed a child up to 2-2.5 years old in order to increase immunity, ensure normal rates of development and stable functioning of the nervous system.

When complementary foods begin to be introduced, the role of breast milk in the formation of protection against infections weakens. From this moment, parents should pay maximum attention to the balanced nutrition of the baby.

The most important micro and macro elements, vitamins for raising immunity (table):

Active substanceHow does it affectWhere is contained
VitaminsBUTImproves the work of phagocytes, protects immune cells from radiationIt is needed in a limited amount; it is found in carrots, cabbage, avocados, dairy products, eggs, pork and beef
Group BActivates immune bodies, helps to overcome stressLegumes and cereals, nuts, raisins, chicken
FROMSpeeds up antibody productionCabbage, sorrel, green peas, bell pepper apples, rose hips, currants, citrus fruits
DPromotes the absorption of vitamin E, activates T-lymphocytesIt is allocated by skin under the influence of the sun, is in sea fish, eggs, dairy products, porcini mushrooms
EEssential for the production of immune cells, protects against radiationButter and vegetable oil, liver, meat, greens, legumes, almonds
ZincStimulates the production of phagocytes, enhances the effect of vitamins A and CSeafood, mushrooms, duck and turkey, wheat, egg yolk, nuts and legumes
MagnesiumIt transports vitamin D, accelerates the elimination of toxins, strengthens the nervous systemSeeds and nuts, legumes, pumpkin, zucchini, dark chocolate, bananas, figs
IronThe essential component of white blood cellsDogwood, blueberries, apples, beef meat and liver, any cabbage and legumes
IodinePhagocytes kill bacteria with iodine compoundsSeaweed and sea fish, asparagus, tomatoes, fresh milk, garlic
SeleniumSlows down zinc excretion, promotes lymphocyte productionSeafood, eggs, mushrooms, coconuts, brewer's yeast, corn
Bifidobacteria and lactobacilliPrevent the spread of infection in the intestinesDairy products, sauerkraut, soaked apples, fresh kvass
VolatileThese are plant antibiotics that kill bacteria on their own.Only fresh garlic, horseradish, carrots, radishes, onions, bird cherry, currants, blueberries
Fatty unsaturated acidsRelieve inflammation, provide an adequate immunological response when in contact with infectionsVegetable oils, seeds and nuts, fish meat and fat

At the same time, sugar at each use weakens the body's defense several times for 6 hours. Therefore, it is better to accustom the family to fruits, honey, fresh and smoothies. This will provide instant strengthening of immunity in children.

Method number 2. Refusal of antibacterial agents

If a child is in sterile conditions from infancy, his immunity does not naturally develop.

This is not necessary for the body, because everything mom does is necessary:

  • wipes all surfaces 2 times a day with bactericidal detergents,
  • boils toys, a bottle and a dummy every evening,
  • washing a child with antibacterial soap only,
  • necessarily ironing all things.

This does not mean that it is necessary to allow the child to drag any muck in his mouth or walk dirty.

Hygiene rules must be strictly observed if you do not want to constantly suffer from eye and intestinal infections. You just can’t bring the craving for cleanliness to absurdity.

The use of any antibacterial agents is best minimized if there is no indication from the pediatrician.

Method number 3. Hardening

The immunity of a child at 3 years of age, the first visit to a kindergarten is subjected to severe stress due to close contact with new infections. The body is constantly under stress.

The hardening procedure is designed specifically for the development of the body's habit of increased stress. This is not just dousing with cold water. On the contrary, such water procedures with irregular performance do more harm.

To improve health according to Komarovsky it is better:

  • regularly walk in the fresh air, especially in wet weather,
  • wash your feet with cool water
  • give children ice cream
  • use the smallest possible amount of medicine so that the immune system can train itself to cope with diseases.

The main thing is not to overdo it. It is useful for immunity only during the period when the child is healthy and the body is ready for “training”. Therefore, you must first consult a pediatrician and discuss how hardening will take place.

Method number 4. Sport

With regular physical exertion, which do not exceed the capabilities of the child, significant changes occur within his body.

In addition to muscle development:

  • the content of immune cells in the blood increases,
  • improves blood supply to tissues and lymphatic drainage, which accelerates the reaction to the penetration of infection into the body,
  • increased ability of the bronchi to self-cleaning,
  • increases the protection of the respiratory system from bacteria and viruses.

On average, an active lifestyle reduces the risk of getting ARVI by 46%. It is not necessary to send the child to the section.

To increase immunity for children, regular active games with the ball on the court and cycling are enough.

Method number 5. Treatment

If the child is still ill, it is important not to self-medicate. Instead of trying to increase immunity with folk remedies, it is better to contact a pediatrician. Only after a thorough diagnosis can you accurately determine the cause of the disease and cure it. But not only that is important.

  1. They are waiting for the first results of therapy and immediately stop taking medications. The disease is not cured completely, and returns time after time, developing into a chronic form.
  2. Give children antibiotics for any sneeze. This not only destroys the microflora of the body and immunity, but also makes bacteria more resistant. By the way, viruses do not react to antibiotics at all.
  3. They buy medicine out of habit, without consulting a doctor. A number of drugs have strict restrictions on the frequency of use. If they are not observed, immunodeficiency develops.

After an illness, in search of ways to restore immunity to a child, it seems most simple to buy immunostimulants in a pharmacy. But the main problem is that these “miracle pills” do not work, and often, on the contrary, they harm.

Immunologists advise instead of medications to pay more attention to proper nutrition, hardening and sports.

Method number 6. Optimism

From 2001 to 2005, Susan Segerstrom of the University of Kentucky studied with students how a positive attitude towards the world affects disease resistance.

It turned out that in pessimists the body reacts more sluggishly to infections, which is why diseases appear more often and require longer treatment. In this study, there is a simple and enjoyable way how to raise the immunity of a child.

We must direct our efforts to ensure that in his life more positive events and pleasant moments happen.

This will help make the psyche more resistant to stress and bring up a healthy and confident person.

Method number 7. Rest

Healthy sleep helps the body quickly regain strength in order to effectively fight diseases. Infants need up to 20-22 hours of sleep per day. Gradually, this need in children decreases to 10-14 hours. But it is important to monitor not only time, but also the quality of sleep.

Ideal conditions for relaxation are darkness and silence. The room should be well ventilated. If the child is afraid, you can put a nightlight, but it is better to do without him and other electronic devices.


It’s best to tell than to raise immunity, a professional can. But you should not contact the therapist and ENT, but the immunologist.

As a specialist in the work of the body’s protective system, he will tell you effective ways to strengthen it, which can be used for a specific child. This will help to get a quick result without risk of harm.

Healthy baby: 6 ways to strengthen children's immunity

Immunity is the body's ability to fight infectious agents: viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the higher the child’s ability to resist them, the better his immunity. How to achieve that the kids are strong, healthy and not sick? We offer ways to strengthen children's immunity, which will allow kids to endure seasonal viral epidemics and any weather changes without serious consequences.

The way to strengthen the immunity of the child No. 2: hardening

Many parents are afraid to temper the child. However, this method of strengthening children's immunity does not at all call for bathing the baby in ice water and putting it naked in the cold. It is enough not to put on the baby clothes in which he will sweat and suffocate, regularly ventilate the room where the child is, take long walks with him in the fresh air, play sports and water procedures.

The way to strengthen the immunity of the child No. 3: walking barefoot

Children who regularly walk at home or in the country without shoes have better health than their peers. The fact is that walking barefoot stimulates biologically active points located on the sole. So that the baby does not catch a cold at the very beginning of classes to strengthen immunity, he is recommended to wear socks. And to achieve greater efficiency - use special rugs with an uneven surface.

The way to strengthen the immunity of the child No. 4: taking multivitamins

Use this method of strengthening the baby's immunity is necessary only in agreement with the doctor, who will prescribe the multivitamins necessary for the child. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the indications for use. This will help achieve a balance in the child’s body of all the necessary trace elements, vitamins and minerals for the healthy development.

The way to strengthen the immunity of the child No. 6: a balanced diet

Children's food should be healthy and tasty, because strengthening the immunity of a growing man directly depends on his daily diet. And if the children's menu includes products that provide enough energy and contain the necessary nutrients, the child will grow up healthy.

The signal that children's immunity requires strengthening may be the following signs:

  • a child has a cold more than 4 times a year,
  • the duration of the disease exceeds 2 weeks,
  • colds are chronic
  • infectious diseases recur regularly
  • high temperature lasts a long time.

Child health: the main thing is a systematic approach

In strengthening the child’s immunity there are no main or secondary steps. Everything that can affect the state of the child's body is important. Therefore, parents need to take an integrated approach to caring for the well-being of their children: observe the daily routine of the baby, enrich their diet with healthy products, introduce them to the right lifestyle and promote habits aimed at improving health.

Expert: Galina Filippova, therapist, candidate of medical sciences
Author: Elena Nersesyan-Brytkova