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How I lost 12 kg in 3 weeks


Remember how in childhood we were accustomed to three full meals? Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner walked with us, we felt energetic and really did not want to eat this stupid milk porridge for breakfast. But they ate, because it is necessary. Then we grew up, and began to eat as necessary. And then nutritionists came and said that it’s cool to eat 6-8 times a day in small portions, it’s more useful, less risk of getting fat, which means what a modern person needs! And they quietly kept quiet about the fact that people are getting fat not at all because of 3 meals a day.

You know, I don’t suffer from overweight, and my stomach is quite small, although I like to eat deliciously! But since school I have eaten many times a day, although the school still had a breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule. But there, at school, there was a big change with pies, a seagull in the evening after volleyball and homework, and before going to bed another piece of something. The university has brought this to its peak. When I began to monitor my diet, I continued to eat many times a day, I felt generally fine, but I always wanted to eat.

And the last week we spent on vacation, where we ate three times a day, and I realized that it ideal nutritional schedule for the body! Here are its advantages:

  • I did not think constantly about food.
  • The intestines worked perfectly (stool 2 times a day).
  • After eating, I did not feel like sleeping at all.
  • After eating, I drank only after 30-60 minutes, because I wanted it that way.
  • I perfectly heard the body in what he wants for every meal.

Why did the body respond so well to three meals a day? There is a scientific explanation for this. See:

  • One serving of food is digested for 5-6 hours. If we have lunch at 14.00, and then have lunch at 16.30, for example, then undigested food remains in the body, which then rots and clogs our blood vessels.
  • Every time we consume food, the liver is included in the work: it releases insulin to break down carbohydrates and stimulate protein synthesis. As a result, every time we throw food into ourselves - often thoughtlessly - the liver is torn.
  • If we constantly eat, then leptin resistance occurs in our body. What it is? Imagine that you have a lot of ice cream every day. At first you eat it and feel happy, then the ice cream starts to bother you, but you still eat it, and after a while it bothers you so much that you don’t want to see it. As a result, you become resistant to ice cream. This is how our brains and pancreas act: they no longer hear a signal that they are full when the level of leptin is elevated, they become resistant to it and simply do not turn off the appetite. As a result, the more often we eat, the more we want.
  • And imagine how much our teeth suffer if we constantly eat. In our culture, it is not too customary to rinse your mouth after eating, as a result, bits of food remain on our teeth that allow us to develop a new life right on our jaw!)

It's time to admit that the week with three meals a day prompted me to take real action for the first time, and I decided to stay in this mode further.

What did my daily diet look like?

There was absolutely nothing unusual in it, vegetable perfectly balanced food with plenty of water and once a day freshly squeezed pineapple or carrot juice. Here is a sample menu of the day:

Breakfast at 10.00: 3 small pieces of hash brown, a mountain of fresh lettuce leaves, a cucumber, 1-2 tbsp. sauteed champignons, 1 tbsp. hummus. A couple of times for breakfast I ate another watermelon and melon.

Lunch at 15.30-16.30: rice + lentils or hummus, babaganush with Arab pita (yes, in the UAE I ate pita and felt good at the same time) and pickled cucumbers + radish + hot pepper, baked potato with spices. One of these dishes was enough for me to eat enough. At lunch, I also drank freshly squeezed juice without ice (the same once a day).

Dinner (he always visited at different times, at will): fruits. Manadarines / papaya / lychee / mangosteen / rambutan / mango - something to choose from + ginger-lemon tea with honey.

My skin became much better this week, the bags under my eyes were gone and in general the body began to feel lighter and better, although before the holidays I did not eat only cakes and sweet tea.

If you are still listening to nutritionists and eating 5-6 times a day, try changing it at least for a week, I'm sure you will like the result! And, of course, you don’t need to fill your stomach to the dump with three dishes at one meal + dessert and compote, only dessert will be digested, and everything else will go to waste. Eat and live consciously, friends!

Experience losing weight without a diet. Photos before and after losing weight

If you do not have willpower, you really like to eat, your appetite is like that of an adult man, and in your heart are you a fragile girl? You really want to lose weight, but your mouth does not treacherously close? Then you should read my story!

So, at 21, I weighed 68 kg. In January I turned 21, for the New Year holidays, of course, I ate more, although I did not want to admit this fact. At that time, I had a young man who left me - for the reason that I am "fat", or rather, fat. It hit my self-esteem very much, and I decided to lose weight. But how to do this if I do not have willpower and diet is not for me?

It was a fluke. Somewhere on the Internet, I read a comment from a girl about how she lost weight. Of course, I did not believe it, but I decided to try it, because in her weight loss recipe you could eat everything, and I loved sandwiches with sausage and mayonnaise! What sandwiches - I poured mayonnaise in liters into all the dishes I ate. And how much I loved salted lard with mustard, and there’s no need to talk!

And now, attention, the essence of the diet. You can eat everything, absolutely everything! It is possible with mayonnaise, with bread, with lard, with chocolate, with marmalade, with truffles, at least with anything! But you need to eat strictly from a 200 ml mug. Believe it or not, the regular mug from which I now drink coffee has saved my weight.

The main rule is to eat only from a cup, because if you try to put the same amount of food in a plate, you will certainly put more than you need (especially if you are really hungry at that moment). And do not argue, it will be so! It is very important to keep this rule for at least the first two weeks, a month.

You can eat often, no need to starve. This is only the first time it will seem to you that you have not eaten up, then you will get used to it, you will be full, and the arrow of the scales will also please you. She really pleased me: after two or three weeks, the weight was 56 kg, then 54. About a month later, I began to eat from the plate, because I did not want to eat more than expected. Weight did not return, did not increase in double size.

Four years passed, during this time I managed to give birth (respectively, to recover in pregnancy), after the birth I was also not in shape for the first six months, and again my wonderful mug helped me out. At times I remember about my mug, but only when I feel that I am recovering. I eat a week in circles, the weight goes away, and I'm back in action!

If you read this story about my personal experience, you want to lose weight, but you do not believe in my words, take it and try it! Otherwise, how do you know if this will help you? After all, you don’t lose anything with this method (except for weight), frequent meals in small portions have not harmed anyone, and you don’t need to spend money on this method. Try and see! All in your hands!