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13 common mistakes in eye makeup that you might not have been aware of


If you constantly have watery eyes, you should definitely go to the optometrist - at the same time, check your eyesight. The fact is that for causeless tears there are, oddly enough, a lot of reasons. For example, a tear duct clogged, an infection begins, you are allergic to dust or food, dry eye syndrome. All these points are best caught as early as possible and treated.

Use eye drops before applying makeup

If these factors are excluded, there is another reason - the so-called reflex tears. They occur when a foreign body enters the eye. And for some, lacrimation can begin even when in contact with cosmetics - mascara, eyeliner.

In order to nevertheless apply makeup and create a planned image, use the cunning of makeup artists. Drop drops with the property of an artificial tear before the main action - they moisturize the cornea and relieve reflex syndrome.

Stock up on hypoallergenic cosmetics

Owners of sensitive eyes can respond to some components that are added to ordinary mascaras, shadows.

You should pay attention to hypoallergenic cosmetics and cosmetics for sensitive eyes. Softening and moisturizing components are added to it, in such products there is no chemistry like aromatic fragrances, aggressive coloring substances (including vegetable ones). On hypoallergenic products for the eyes, a mark is often flaunted - "approved by ophthalmologists."

Hypoallergenic Eyeliner
from Artdeco

Error 1: do not use primer

Many girls complain that even expensive shadows or advertised eyeliner “run away” from the eyelids in a matter of hours. But to extend the life of makeup is very simple. It is enough a few minutes before the main “marathon” to apply a primer on the eyelids (base under the shade) or even a little foundation, and allow the base to dry. A thin base layer will help hold the pigment and make make-up resistant.

Mistake 2: draw black eyes around the outline

And also complement this beauty with black shadows. If you are not going to a rock concert or an emo party, it’s better not to try. Not only that, by inept application, it is great to distort the natural contour of the eyes. A black greasy liner or shade tends to be smeared, making a grief makeup artist look like a panda or raccoon.

Error 3: draw arrows "by hand"

Of course, for some girls to draw neat “arrows” is a matter of half a minute. But if you can’t do this, don’t be upset and put an end to the “arrows”. Think of the little tricks: for example, attach a plastic card to the eye area and use it as a ruler. Try it, it's really easy.

Error 5: leave gaps between the eyeliner and the eyelash line

The contour, under which a strip of “bare” skin remains, simply loses all meaning. After you bring the upper eyelid, gently walk with a soft pencil along the line of eyelash growth. This will make the look more expressive, "fox". Just do not recommend using liquid eyeliner for this technique - tears cannot be avoided. But we only need joy and a good mood.

Mistake 6: use only black pencil or eyeliner

The versatility and irreplaceability of black eyeliner is one of the most popular make-up myths. If you can’t deny yourself the black outline, then at least save it only for the upper eyelid. Underline the bottom with brown or gray. You can also use a white or flesh pencil along the bottom line of eyelash growth. This will “open” the eyes, visually make them larger and give the face a fresh, rested look.

Error 7: do not shade the pencil

Clear geometric lines, of course, give expression to the face. But they make you think more about mimes than about feminine beauty. Use softer pencils and after applying, lightly blend the line with a cosmetic sponge, brush or even a cotton swab. The outline will not disappear, but will take a more delicate, natural shape.

Error 8: use dried eyeliner

Sad news: the life of cosmetics is not eternal. Moreover, liquid eyeliner. If the liner changed its color to lighter or began to crumble while wearing, it's time to go to the cosmetic store for shopping. Even if the eyeliner is still “drawing”. And do not try to reanimate it with water: this will further reduce the durability of the product. Everything has its time.

Error 9: throw out dried pencils

Unlike liquid eyeliner, a contour pencil lends itself very much to resurrection. It is enough to heat the rod a couple of seconds over the fire of the lighter. But it is worth bearing in mind that after this procedure the old pencil will not be the same: now the lines will become much thicker and thicker. But after all, many are looking for exactly this effect.

Error 11: eyeliner or pencil that prints on the upper eyelid

If you are familiar with the terms “drooping eyelid” or “one-century” that are popular today, then you probably know firsthand: even a base under shadows or eyeliner does not always save you from dark prints. Try drawing a thicker line curved closer to the middle of the eye. This shape will reduce the likelihood that the outline will be printed on the upper eyelid.

Error 13: rough touch

The skin around the eyes is devoid of sebaceous glands, and therefore rightfully has the title of the most fragile and delicate. Roughly pulling the eyelid in the process of applying makeup - a curved path to the "crow's feet" and other unwanted guests on your beautiful face. Be careful, use only soft brushes, do not forget about a moisturizer and a soft makeup remover. And just enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

And to make the reflection even the next morning after a hard night (which is especially true during the holiday feasts), do not forget about the little tricks that will help erase the traces of fatigue from the face.

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Essential Makeup Tools

Applying any makeup can not do without the use of special brushes. Choosing them before buying, carefully and very seriously examine the pile and evaluate its quality! Saving here is unacceptable - a high-quality brush will serve you much longer. With their help, it is much easier to ensure accurate application of cosmetics, and the beauty of the finished makeup depends on this in the first place. All high-quality brushes have a very pleasant to the touch cut. Pile can be synthetic or natural, and sometimes a mixture of materials is allowed.

To work with the eyes, the selection of sizes, nap and shape of the brushes is necessary, because these criteria will subsequently affect the qualitative distribution of pigments. Depending on the area of ​​application of shades, a larger or smaller brush is taken. The length of the villi is also important - the shorter the hairs, the more accurate the feathering will be. The color saturation directly depends on the density of the stuffed pile. For different shades of shadows, you need your own brush, since mixing tones is undesirable - this can ruin the look of the completed makeup. Take only brushes with a natural composition - because the eyes are a sensitive and delicate part of the face.

Cosmetics for the correct makeup

There should be no coincidence in choosing cosmetic products. It is recommended to purchase products with the HD mark, which will help in achieving a natural and natural result, even with fairly dense layers of decor.

Eye makeup should be done on prepared face skin. Any, even the most professional, make-up will be spoiled if the skin is untidy and all its flaws are clearly visible.

So, in order to give your face skin an impeccable look, you need to have:

  • base for makeup
  • foundation creams
  • concealer pallet,
  • powder, preferably crumbly.

It is recommended to have two tones of tonalniks - dark levels the base, with light we mask all remaining imperfections.

Concealer gives perfection to the skin, masking its flaws.

Loose powder you matte the skin - it will lie in a much more transparent layer, without creating a mask effect.

Beautiful eye makeup is impossible without shadows of various textures and consistencies. They are matte, with the addition of a shimmer, pearlescent. They are dry, applied with an applicator, either in pencil or liquid. The most popular are shadows with a dry texture, the rest can be added if desired.

Pencils and eyeliners are useful for highlighting the eyes, giving the look openness and expressiveness.

The presence of a multi-colored mascara does not hurt in a cosmetic bag.

Eyebrows need to be given no less attention than the eyes - it is on their shape that your appearance will depend. They should have a symmetrical shape - this is easy to achieve with a special pencil.

Never use black! There is an important rule for choosing eyebrow color:

  • Brunettes have eyebrows in a tone lighter than hair.
  • The color of the eyebrows of blond beauties is darker by one or two tones than hair.

Types and techniques of eye makeup

As we have already figured out, in eye makeup we can not do without shadows, pencils and eyeliner, as well as mascara. By appointment, makeup is divided into:

Daily make-up looks extremely natural and natural. It is made easy, discreet. Cosmetic products have natural and muted shades.

When creating an evening look, faded colors are not taken, everything here is bright, rich. Apply pearlescent, dark shadows, black eyeliner, false eyelashes.

The concept of professional makeup involves the intervention of a makeup artist. Such makeup, as a rule, is done for filming, it requires the correct placement of accents. Such a make-up should be very rich, but exclude vulgarity. Also, rhinestones, feathers can be a supplement.

In addition to these varieties, there are several more execution techniques:

  • “Bird” - upper eyelids wide open in the form of wings.
  • "Cat's eyes" - a visual change in the section of the eyes with eyeliner.
  • Smokey Ice is a universal makeup in smoky colors.

Important features of proper makeup

The mood of each representative of the fair sex is constantly changing, so there is a constant search for the perfect make-up, representing her from a more winning side. Thanks to such experiments, beautiful eye makeup is so diverse in our time, it takes into account any preferences. The only critical requirements are compliance with the color type, skin and hair tone. Remember that everything suitable for blondes, as a rule, will look completely inappropriate on brunettes.

Just follow the rules of professional makeup artists, apply their experience. When using different methods, you can change the expressiveness of the eyes, the visual shape and incision, add brightness to the look.

Basic rules for beginner makeup artists

Create a beautiful eye makeup (photo below - for inspiration) all girls can do.

But first, it’s better not to experiment and not depart from the established rules.

Mistakes are unacceptable in the make-up, be sure to consider the advice of experienced masters who will explain all the reasons for the unsuccessful result:

  • Without applying the base to the movable eyelid, the shade's durability is much less than otherwise.
  • Applying a denser than necessary tonal layer will create a “mask” on the face.
  • A contour drawn by a too light concealer will add excessive bulge to the eyes and make the bags under them obvious.
  • The sloppy shape of the eyebrows will spoil the whole impression of even the highest quality makeup.
  • Poor-quality mascara, lighter with lumps, will not add beauty to eyelashes.
  • The use of blue shadows is permissible only for blue or gray eyes, in very small quantities.
  • Do not use more than three colors of shadows at once.
  • It is not permitted to apply nacre to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • The strip applied by the eyeliner to the lower fixed eyelid will eliminate the wide, expressive look, and will age the look.
  • The trait drawn by the kayal will make the eye smaller.
  • Shimmer in the shadows will increase the eyes, the use of matte shadows, on the contrary - will reduce them.
  • Blush, applied in large quantities, will take away the lightness of the image.
  • Good shading of all borders is required, otherwise it is possible only in cases where the make-up requires sharpness - as a rule, this is the catwalk option or makeup for photo shoots.
  • The shade of the shadows should be different from the color of the iris.
  • Focusing on the eyes, do not allow eyebrows or lips.

How to make beautiful eye makeup at home

For daytime makeup, only calm, non-invasive and natural colors of cosmetics are selected. In exceptional cases, shades of dark or bright shades are used, usually it is beige, sand, light brown. Mascara is necessarily applied to the eyelashes - this expands the eyes, makes them bottomless.

Do not forget to take into account the purpose of makeup, your daily routine - your image will directly depend on this.

Evening make-up

How to make beautiful eye makeup suitable for evening time? After all, it should be a spectacular, expressive image, suitable for a club, restaurant or concert. Implement everything you can think of - within the bounds of decency, of course. The image should be harmonious - clothes, makeup, everything should correspond. Include here some bright notes - this is acceptable in the evening.

A universal make-up for a party, a gala event is Smoky Ice. It is ideal for absolutely any type of skin, suitable for everyone without exception.

The classic “smoky ice” contains shades of black (either gray, very dark), which are applied on both centuries, expanding in the outer corner, and black or graphite kayal. Good quality shading is required here.

With skillful and proper application, this application technique can visually enlarge the eyes.

Makeup for eyes - "chameleons"

There is such a wonderful shade of the iris that allows you to use almost any shade of shadows and pencils. These are the so-called chameleons, or gray-blue icy eyes, which change their shade depending on the color palette of decorative cosmetics. Nevertheless, this wonderful color may fade if dark eyeliners and shadows are used. Stick to the rules of beautiful makeup for blue eyes, and the look will be amazing.

But in evening makeup, brightness is acceptable, but then be sure to exclude bright lipstick.

So, to create a beautiful makeup for gray eyes at an evening event, you must follow the next course.

Firstly, even out skin color with foundation and concealer, apply base on moving eyelids. Now you can start applying beautiful makeup to your eyes.

To do this, draw a small arrow on the eyelashes on the upper eyelid with the pencil shadows. Blend it towards the temple. Apply paint residues to the lower eyelid. The color should be more saturated at the outer corner.

Next, using the darker shadows, draw a fold of the upper eyelid and highlight the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeliner, preferably dark brown, draw a thin line on the ciliary edge, expanding on the outside.

That's all, it remains to tint the cilia, carefully twisting them, and your beautiful eye makeup is ready. Applying it will not take you a long time, and the result will always be amazing.

Beautiful makeup for brown eyes with photo

Brown eye color is incredibly expressive, warm. Having correctly applied decorative cosmetics, you emphasize the natural bewitching charm. The main thing in this process is the correct placement of emphasis.

Any owner of this eye color knows that absolutely all palette is suitable for her in makeup. For example, to achieve a fresh, bright and expressive look, you just need to apply the brick and graphite color of the shadows and eyeliner, the arrow in this case perfectly emphasizes and lengthens the eye section, and lushly painted eyelashes will increase them.