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Why are women required to urinate after sex?


For a long time sex is a topic discussed by all, and there is nothing wrong with looking for answers to questions of interest to you in this area of ​​life. There are many articles on the topic of sexual arousal and orgasm. But the answer to the question why after sex you want to go to the toilet is not so easy to find. Based on the opinion of experts, the reason is easy to establish, and often it differs between the strong and weak sexes.

Why is it important to know the answer to this question?

If we consider the point of view of a woman, then imagine her thoughts and feelings when, after a dizzying sexual intercourse, her partner gets up and leaves. Perhaps she feels abandoned and unworthy of additional attention. Some may consider such care as complete disinterest in oneself, as a person.

The man also sees this situation in his own way. If a girl immediately after sex gets up and goes to the toilet, a question about her health is involuntarily drawn in his head. Some see this as a violation of the internal organs and, possibly, even the threat of infection with some kind of infection.

Other men see this as an allusion to his failure in bed. He sees another reason for leaving. After sex, I want to go to the toilet, in his eyes - not to empty the bladder.

It turns out that if a person does not know why he wants to go to the toilet after sex, he can come up with a problem that, at best, will end in an unpleasant conversation, and in the worst, with mutual offensive statements and even separation. If this probability does not suit you, this question will be considered in more detail.

Type of orgasm

Some girls say they feel like urinating at a time when sex is still ongoing. Most accept such a desire as the usual urge to urinate. However, recent studies by scientists have confirmed that there is a special kind of orgasm - this is squirt. Some mistakenly confuse it with the female version of ejaculation. However, a squirt is a slightly different manifestation of sexual arousal and orgasm in particular.

Despite the fact that the fluid discharged during such an orgasm is completely similar in urine to urine, it is excreted with a certain stimulation, the so-called G point. In simple terms, with strong excitation, the tissue that is around the clitoris is too strong increases in size and puts pressure on the urethra. When the angle between the bladder and the urethra changes during intercourse, and all the muscles are in a relaxed state, the fluid involuntarily leaves the genitals with a plentiful stream.

However, all the same scientists cannot understand why this liquid is odorless. Increasingly, one can come across the opinion that the excreted fluid is not urine, but a special secretion, the nature of which is not fully understood.

In principle, if at the time of orgasm the girl can completely relax, then she will not spoil the sexual intercourse and the sheet. On the contrary, most men do their best to bring their woman to this type of orgasm, starting stimulation of the G-spot at the very peak of pleasure. So the phrase "to describe oneself with happiness" sometimes has the most that is literal.

Male question

The answer to the question why after sex you want a man in the toilet is determined by the physical structure of the penis. So what follows is a small biology lesson. So, urination and ejaculation at the same time in a healthy body can not pass. These two separate channels are located in the male genital organ in parallel.

When the penis is in an erect state, it is filled with large amounts of blood, and the channel through which urine exits simply closes. While in a calm state, such overlapping in a healthy penis does not occur.

Moreover, during a man's sexual activity, another interesting process takes place, which ensures that urine does not come out during sex. This is called oppression of the nerve impulse of the bladder. Simply put, it doesn’t matter whether sexual intercourse occurs or masturbation, the desire to empty the bladder simply does not arise. But where does this information and the answer to the question, why after sex often want to go to the toilet?

Feeling after sex

In fact, everything is extremely simple. As mentioned above, during intercourse, the penis is in a state of tension, like all pelvic organs. As soon as sexual intercourse ends, everything relaxes. Accordingly, the bladder too. And the desire to empty it as soon as possible is a completely normal requirement from the point of view of biology for the organism.

Moreover, going to the toilet after sex is good. Many experts emphasize that urination after intercourse is a good way to take care of the safety of your health. Some argue that it is thanks to going to the toilet after sex that you can protect yourself from certain infectious diseases. How true this information is is unknown, but she will surely find a place in the list of reasons why it is worth going to the toilet after sex.

Female body structure

Often the question of why you immediately want to go to the toilet after sex is also a question for girls. As already mentioned above, due to their psycho-emotional characteristics, the representatives of the weaker sex are especially hard pressed for these urges. The fact is that girls, in principle, think too much, and there is also such an occasion. This desire knocks down all mood and romanticism.

Well, in fact, as with men, the urge to get into the toilet as soon as possible after sex is easily explained from the point of view of the same biology. Unlike the structure of the male genital organs, the female ones are hidden inside. Everything is close to each other. Especially when it comes to the urinary tract.

Due to constant friction, he arrives in irritation, in some cases it reaches its peak by the urge to go to the toilet. As mentioned earlier, if you learn to control it correctly, you can experience quite vivid orgasms. But there are other simpler reasons why you want to go to the toilet after sex.

Bladder fullness

Many girls note that they most often feel a desire to empty the bladder after sex, when the latter occurs unexpectedly. Often you want to go to the toilet just when you didn’t get into it before sex.

Add to this the postures that, one way or another, put pressure on the bladder. What is the result? An already full bladder experiences extreme discomfort in tandem with ureteral irritation. Naturally, after sex, I immediately want to go to the toilet! The reason is obvious! But that's not all.

Increased blood circulation

Another reason why you always want to go to the toilet after sex is to increase blood circulation. This is due to active physical activity. Like it or not, sex is also a kind of sport. During this process, the body and the body as a whole tenses quite strongly, which causes a large influx of blood to these organs. Which ones?

It's about a small basin. When a lot of blood comes into it, which contains a large amount of oxygen, metabolic processes are significantly enhanced. Accordingly, processes that affect urine production are also accelerated. Sometimes, even if before the act the girl went to the toilet and took a shower, she might still want to go to the toilet. Obviously, the reason is precisely in the accelerated work of metabolic processes. And now, you're already running, because after sex you want to go to the toilet. What reasons can the girls themselves give?

By the way, for reference, it is worth noting that urination is experienced not only when the body is full. For the desire to go to the toilet, half of its fullness is enough.

As a means of emergency contraception

There is another so-called reason that after sex you immediately want to go to the toilet. There is a myth that if you go to the toilet after intercourse, the likelihood of becoming pregnant will decrease dramatically. It should be noted right away that this is nothing more than a myth. Sperm cells do not die in an alkaline or neutral environment.

Some girls pretend that they really want to use the toilet only in order to supposedly get rid of a possible pregnancy. However, this method does not work, at least because urine never enters the vagina. The excretory canal is much closer to the labia.

When to really worry

What are the reasons that after sex I want to go to the toilet, can cause feelings? The fact is that such urges are considered one of the symptoms of cystitis. The main thing is that they appear not only during sexual intercourse. In principle, the frequent urge to visit the toilet is a reason to worry about your health.

Of course, you can justify why after sex you want to go to the toilet, whatever. But, if at the same time you experience a painful sensation and observe drops of blood in the urine, then you urgently need to contact specialists.

Forget about self-medication. What helped one, in your case, can play in the opposite direction and even lead to serious problems. The sooner you entrust your health to the doctor, the sooner you can return to the usual rhythm of life.

Now that you know why you want to go to the toilet immediately, what it is connected with and how to react to it, remember that in any case, every sex should end with a shower, in order to avoid other, more serious problems.

When excited, itchy nose

When I get excited, my nose itches terribly and I want to sneeze. Is it an allergy or what?

And I would like to say: “We would have your problems”, but we won’t, for the phenomenon is widespread. Some comrades, experts from the John Redcliffe Hospital in Oxford found out, want to sneeze at the mere thought of sex. There are those who disassemble immediately after orgasm. What's happening? Scientists have several versions. Perhaps when you indulge in playful fantasies, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, and it is just responsible for reactions like sneezing.

Another explanation: sexual arousal leads to swelling of the mucous membranes, not only of the genitals, but also, for example, of the nasopharynx. That's why it scratches your nose. Or this option: good sex is a decent exercise, entailing hyperventilation and overdrying of the nasal passages. The consequence is the same - pulls to sneeze.

Although, of course, the prosaic version with allergies cannot be ruled out. “Perhaps this is a reaction to dust, because it is an active occupation, during which enough irritants rise into the air,” says sexologist Valeria Aginskaya. - If you use lubricants, exclude them for a while and see if the situation changes. Maybe the thing is in them. An allergy to latex also happens. In any case, I advise you to take tests and calculate your enemy for sure. ”

Is sex too long dangerous?

They say that too long sexual intercourse can lead to urogenital infection. It's true?

“Of course, there is no direct connection,” says gynecologist Irina Filatova. - An infection, as a rule, enters the body from the outside. And if your partner is not a carrier and is not ill with anything, then she simply has nowhere to take from. ”

But indirect can be traced. "With prolonged sexual intercourse, mucosal microtraumas occur”, The expert continues,“ and they can well serve as an entrance gate for harmful microorganisms. ”

How to avoid problems? Ways one another is more pleasant: get down to business after a good foreplay or use a lubricant (or better, both).

Not enough lubrication in the vagina

I have no problems with excitement, but the lubrication in the vagina is clearly not enough. Why? And can saliva be used for this?

“Most likely, the lack of estrogen is the cause,” suggests Irina Filatova. - To confirm this version, be sure to contact the gynecologist. If this is the case, a cream containing deficient hormones must be used before intercourse. ” “Or special intimate lubricants and gels,” adds Elena Molchanova, an adult store expert, “they provide good glide, have a healing and anti-inflammatory effect, and most importantly, are designed specifically for sex and, therefore, will not harm your microflora.”

And here it’s better to forget about saliva: using such a “lubricant” is irrational, and it’s not safe. “Firstly, saliva has other mechanical properties,” explains Elena Molchanova. - She lubricates so-so, and dries quickly. Secondly, bacteria from the oral cavity hardly have a place in the vagina. ” During sex, the smallest wounds and cracks often arise, which you might not even suspect of, but microorganisms, be sure, will not slip by.

“And although there is a lysozyme protein in the saliva that has an antimicrobial effect, its tiny doses may not be enough for high-quality disinfection,” Dr. Filatova pronounces. There is absolutely no need to take risks, especially when it comes to the saliva of a partner - who knows how he is doing with the rehabilitation of his mouth.

Important note: the above does not apply to traditional oral caresses. You understand, the external and internal genital organs are different territories.

Orgasm and extra sounds

Fart during orgasm - is this normal? Why does this happen? And why not every time?

“There is definitely nothing wrong with that,” Irina Filatova is sure. - During orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum spontaneously relax sharply, the same thing can happen with the sphincter of the rectum. This is followed by the natural discharge of gases, that’s all. ”

Caution: this is likely to happen if the gases are already on the doorstep. And if unexpected special effects are not included in the program of your romantic evening, it makes sense to follow the diet. Or at least not eat up before a date provocateurs (legumes, cabbage, apples, brown bread, grapes, whole milk).

And let me repeat what WH wrote more than once: special exercises and vaginal simulators will help to take control of the obstinate muscles of the pelvic floor, including the sphincter.

After sex, I want to write

Why do you really want to write after sex?

Most likely, because you wanted the same thing before sex. “The human brain is so well arranged that it blocks the activity of the excretory system while we are excited,” Valeria Aginskaya explains. But as soon as the peak of pleasure has passed and the passions have subsided, the gray matter reminds us that it would be nice to visit the restroom anyway.

"Maybe, during intercourse, severe urethral irritation occurs, which is why you feel the urge to urinate", - puts forward another version of Irina Filatova. And he advises, just in case, to look at the doctor to exclude the possibility of some kind of pathology.

Do not forget about the common innervation of the genitals and the bladder. And here and there, during lovemaking, a lot of blood rushes, which, of course, enhances sensitivity. Your man, by the way, is surely overcome by a similar desire, and this is normal. If something is embarrassing, look in the toilet before you go to bed, that's all.

A separate question is why it is not possible to hold urine during an orgasm. Although there are just no secrets here: the pelvic floor muscles, which are also responsible for the dryness of the clothes, relax - and there you go. What to do with this, you already know: to train at your pleasure.

Genital herpes and it is on the lips

I have a “cold” on my lips. Does this mean that genital herpes is also there?

A trick question. Medical literature usually reports that “cold” on the lips and genital eruptions cause two different types of herpes simplex virus. HSV of the first type, as a rule, affects above the waist, and the second - below. So theoretically, the presence of itchy vesicles in the mouth does not mean at all that something similar will appear in the area of ​​intimate organs.

In practice, as usual, everything is much more confusing. In 20-30% of cases of manifestation of genital herpes, it is HSV of the first type that causes it, or both at once. Therefore, let's say this: the presence of herpes on the lips can only speak of a predisposition to the appearance of the same thing on the genitals too.

“Although the virus lives in the body all the time, it is impossible to predict how it will behave,” says Irina Filatova. “Herpetic infection most often manifests itself against a background of weakened immunity.” Hence the moral: watch yourself. And also, refrain from kisses and oral-genital contacts until the “cold” disappears. The need for condoms is not even discussed.

Anal sex and hemorrhoids

Is it true that there is a direct connection between hemorrhoids and anal sex?

No such, say all experts who are knowledgeable in the matter. Varicose veins of the rectum can develop in those who have never practiced anal sex, and bypass those who deal with it more or less regularly. Зависит от состояния венозной системы и образа жизни каждой конкретной гражданки.

«Да, этот вид сношений иногда служит триггером, позволяющим заподозрить у себя заболевание, – подтверждает Валерия Агинская. – Но очевидно ведь, что проблема возникает до того, как происходит половой акт. So the basis of prevention will not be abstinence from anal sex, but sufficient physical activity and a balanced diet. ”

How to choose a vibrator

How to understand in a store whether a vibrator is suitable for me or not?

There is, by the way, an interesting version: you need to touch a working toy to the tip of the nose - there are as if there are no less nerve endings than in the clitoris, and everything will immediately become clear. “But this is a myth,” Elena Molchanova, an adult store expert, severely rejects this option. - You should focus solely on the degree of sensitivity of the clitoris.

You can understand how you are doing there during masturbation. If sensitivity is reduced, vibrations should be strong, and vice versa. I am not sure? Then choose an instance with a wide range of functions as the first gadget - different speeds of vibration, pulsation (these are round-trip movements) and escalation (waves). And consult with the seller, an experienced specialist will not conceal valuable information. "

Squelching sounds in the vagina

Squelching sounds in the vagina - is this normal?

Yes, believe us. “If we are talking about a rear pose with legs wide apart, then such sounds are just a common thing,” says Valeria Aginskaya. - Just because of the peculiarities of the position of the vaginal wall, the penis is loosely encircled, and the air gets into the gaps, which then comes out with such noise effects. If the soundtrack appears in any position, then most likely we are talking about the weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor, when the desired girth does not occur at all. Fortunately, as we recall, muscles can be strengthened with vaginal balls and exercise machines. ”